Escape Game?

An escape game is a real-life game where players find themselves locked in a chilling and mysterious scenario where they must solve clues, puzzles and beat several trials in order to find a way to escape. Experience the feeling of deciding the outcome of a suspense movie or a video game as the main character in real life.

Does an escape game include dangerous activities?

No. Everything in the game is based on a fictional scenario where players, working as a team, will have to use logical reasoning and skills to solve clues, not being subject to any procedure which may imply any risk to their physical integrity.

Do I need to possess any technical, specialized or foreign language skills to complete the game?

No. There are no such barriers in the game. The game and tasks were designed to be solved only by the use of logical thinking, observation and common knowledge, there is no need of technical expertise or language skills. Any person can perform all the tasks in the game with no major difficulties.

Is there any age limit?

There are no age limit, although children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can physically disabled people participate in the game?

A physically disabled person can participate in the game, although it will depend on their kind of disability. They may need their team member’s assistance to perform some of the tasks. If necessary (and if possible in pratical matters), we may adjust some details in the game in order to eliminate such barriers. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

Can I participate in the game under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

In cases where people are visibly affected in their behavior by this kind of substances, we have the right to refuse their entrance in our location and deny their participation in the game, for the safety of other participants, staff and the establishment itself.

Can I take photos or film during the game?

Due to our of image rights reservation, intellectual property rights and preservation of the game contents, unauthorized capture of exclusive contents of Breakout Escape Game, Lda. is not allowed. Therefore, all devices of this kind will be closed in a hand safe that participants will take with them into the game. In the end, the hand safe will be opened and the devices returned to their owners.

How many people can participate in a game session?

The scenario is set for groups of 2 to 10 people.

I represent an organization (i.e.: school, company, society, etc.). Can I plan an activity for more than 10 people?

For bigger groups and team building activities please contact us in order to discuss all the details. Depending on the number of participants and certain schedules we may have packages with special prices accordingly.

How long is the game and what happens if we don't beat the game on time?

The game has the duration of 60 minutes and it has been projected to be solved within this time period. Although the game itself is supposed to be a high difficulty challenge, it’s up to the players and their ability to work as team to beat the game in this time limit. The clock is ticking and it won’t be easy. Not every one will make it.

How do I book a game?

To book your game, just click in the tab bookings on the upper bar of our website. Then in the calendar you will see, click the day and time you wish to attend, fill the small form on the right side with your basic information (name of reservation, number of participants, phone and e-mail contact). Read and accept our terms and conditions and proceed to check-out. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail. If you wish, you can also book by phone, please check our phone number in the contacts tab.

What happens if I don’t arrive on time for the game?

In the case you may not attend your reservation, please contact us until 48 hours before, in order to reschedule or cancel it. In the case we are not informed within this time limit and you miss the reservation, your booking will be canceled and refunds will not be possible, given the nature of the service. In the case you are late and attend after the booked time, the delay period will be subtracted from the 60 minutes game period. In case there is not any reservation in the schedule following yours, we might open exceptions and compensate for the delay time. But if there is a booking following yours, for obvious reasons, this will not be possible. So please, arrive about 10 minutes before the starting time.

How do the gift vouchers work?

Purchase a voucher through our online shop, using your chosen payment method and send us the proof of payment attached to the confirmation email. You will get shortly a new e-mail with your voucher attached and finally forward that e-mail to the person´s e-mail address you would like to offer it to.

How do I use a gift voucher?

You can use it in three different ways: print it and bring it with you; save it on your mobile phone, or write down the code somewhere. When checking-in, you just have to tell us the code so we can validate it.

I was offered a gift voucher, how long do I have to use it?

Vouchers are valid for 6 months. After this time period they won’t be accepted. Please note that the scenario and the game itself may undergo some modifications along the time. We may also have to close for refurbishment. In this cases, the validity of the vouchers will be extended and adapted to the new game concept.

How do I pay and when?

Payment is done upon arrival at our front desk and you can pay by cash (€ euros). In case you own a gift-voucher, which has already been paid, its code after validated replaces the payment.